At Gamble Family Vineyards we strive to make truly memorable wines, wines made to be enjoyed over several hours, with good food and those you love. While our style is reminiscent of Bordeaux, our Winemaker Jim Close continually produces prestigious, well balanced wines that stay true to our terroir. 

The wines profiled below are tended to with extra care, made exclusively for our members and our mailing list are. The one special exception to this is our Paramount Red Blend, with a small percentage allocated to our retail partners.  We hope you find these wine profiles insightful and inspiring as you continue to explore and build your collection.

We also produce a handful of broad-market wines, available predominantly in restaurants and select retail shops nationwide. If you’ve tried one of our wines over a lovely meal out, chances are you were enjoying our Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Paramount, or Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. To learn more about our broad market offerings, available predominantly in restaurants and select retail shops nationwide, please click here to visit our trade site.