Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the kid in the photo?
Tom Gamble, just below Family Home knoll in Oakville, as a kid of about 5 or 6 years old, when the land was still livestock and crops.

Is it Gamble of ProctEr and Gamble?
About 180 years ago Tom's ancestor partnered in founding P&G. The relationship now consists of a shared name; and from being a farmer, a shared fondness for soap.

Who is the Family in Gamble Family?
Tom, his wife Colette, as well as 12 other family members spread across generations.

What is the name of the dog in several of the photos?
Cairo. Tom found Cairo abandoned on the side of the road in East Napa County more than twelve years ago when Cairo was just a pup. Tom brought him home where, because of his full grown ears on a puppy head, Colette remarked he looked like a pharo-hound, hence the name. A Kelpie mix, Cairo greets most visitors and escorts them around the vineyards.

How much did it cost to build your winery?
That's between me and the IRS.

Susan Close, Sales and Membership Director, ext. 16
Michael Kasper, National Sales Manager, ext. 11
Tom Gamble, Owner, ext. 10
Jim Close, Winemaker, ext. 15